Carlos Mariñelarena

In October of 1993, after years as a businessman in Mexico City, Carlos and his wife, Marilu, were sent from Mexico City to the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa.  For 26 years they have faithfully served Jesus in Mazatlan. God has allowed the establishment of the church Amistad Familiar, where Carlos is the lead pastor.  God has given a variety of ministries to the church Amistad Familiar including 12 Feeding Centers serving more than 300 children daily, providing breakfast, discipleship, and access to education, ministries within the prisons of Mazatlan, providing teaching, discipleship, and life transformation, as well as ministries in hospitals and beyond. More recently, Carlos and Marilu collaborate with Samaritan’s Purse nationwide, leading 45 teams of pastors throughout the country.  Through this ministry they distribute more than 800,000 gift boxes per year, spreading the gospel far and wide.