Larry Hunt has been serving on the GO on the Mission Board of Directors for two years and is currently
serving as board chairman.

He has a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics from UCLA with an emphasis in second language
acquisition and an Advanced Certificate in Educational Administration. He taught English as a Second
Language in higher education and alternative education settings, including 7 years teaching English to
deaf college students. As an administrator, he served as a School District Data Administrator and as a
school improvement consultant in Western New York for 16 years. He is also certified as a Curriculum
Auditor and has been working in that capacity since 2009.

Larry and his wife, Kathleen, have had extensive involvement in cross-cultural missions in a variety of
contexts. While on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, they worked at a cross-cultural training base
for missionary candidates, where Larry’s focus was teaching language acquisition methods for
prospective missionaries. During that time, they were also members of an African-American church and
were involved in serving along side member of that community. Later, they were involved in their
church’s ministry to the Wolof people in Senegal, West Africa.

They currently live in Castle Rock, CO.